Opening Times

Monday - Friday 7am to 6pm
Saturday and Sunday 9am – 12pm
Telephone:01625 500028

Mobile:07881 974770
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The Taster Session

The first thing to say is the taster session is completely free and without any obligation whatsoever.

It is an essential first step in your dog’s introduction to life at Canine Club HQ.

We want to make your dog (s) first visit to the Canine Club memorable for all the right reasons and therefore we designed an introduction process specifically to ensure your dog has a fabulous first visit and looks forward to coming back time and time again.

It is also very important you are completely confident that we are going to provide the care and love you would expect from a long established day-care and boarding facility.

Download the forms (here)

Please take a moment to look through and complete the questionnaire. It is a very useful starting point for us as we get to know your dog. The consent form is also important so please ensure you read each point and sign on the back page.

We will also require a copy of your dog’s vaccination record. This must show all vaccinations are valid and up to date and include a kennel cough entry. Please send a copy along with the completed registration forms.

If you have any questions about the forms or required vaccinations, please do contact us (here)

The taster sessions are available from Monday to Friday and last approximately 2hrs. During this time, you will leave your dog (s) here with us on site. The process for the taster session is the same for every new dog that joins us here at The Canine Club. Firstly, we will take your dog (s) into a separate enclosure and do some solo play to ensure they are comfortable with their new surroundings. Once settled, we introduce a suitable dog to play alongside your dog (s).  Once we know they are confident with one dog we repeat this process, adding one dog at a time until they are in a group of about 10-15 dogs. If we are happy that your dog (s) is ready to join in with the main group, we use their established smaller group to integrate them, so it does not feel like they are going in alone. 

Then what happens

Following the taster session we produce a 5 minute video showing your dog(s) progression through the taster session. It’s a hugely informative method of demonstrating how your dog(s) has taken to their new surroundings. We can let you have a coy of the video to share with family and friends.

We can answer any questions you may have, show you round our facilities and discuss which services you may require going forward.

We have devoted a vast amount of time to develop the taster session and it ensures that we spend quality time with your dog(s) on their first visit. It’s recognised as the best possible way of introducing new dogs into this unique and friendly environment.